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Industrial Ultrafast Lasers and Applications
Over the last decade, material processing using ultrafast laser pulses with pulse durations in the range between 300 fs and about 15 ps has gained in popularity due to the small heat affected zone (HAZ) and the relatively high energy penetration depth per pulse. The current market size for industrial ultrafast lasers is around 400 M$ annually with a CAGR of greater 10 %. To date, the vast majority (> 90 %) of industrial ultrafast laser processing applications are based on ablation. Examples are cutting of flat panel display foils, cutting of stents, drilling of fuel injector nozzles, wafer scribing and surface micro-structuring. The remainder of industrial ultrafast laser applications use non-ablative processes, such as filament cutting, waveguide writing, glass welding, or polymerization. This presentation will provide an overview of the industrial ultrafast laser market, review the fundamentals of the laser-material interaction for ultrafast pulses and discuss the main industrial applications. Join us for this 1 hour preview of the in-person course scheduled at Photonics West 2023.

Nov 15, 2022 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Norman Hodgson
Chief Technology Officer Lasers @Coherent
Dr. Hodgson has more than 35 years experience in optics and laser technology with a focus on solid state laser and fiber laser design, optimization and product development. Dr. Hodgson has authored over 90 publications and conference presentations and is co-inventor on more than 60 issued and pending patents.