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Planning to Succeed: Safely Deploying Your XR Strategy in a Post Covid-19 World
The worldwide pandemic has made it clear that current hygiene procedures are no longer sufficient. To survive this crisis, LBE centers will have to rethink their strategies. Addressing safety concerns will be critical to reopening any LBE center going forward.

Immersive technologies including virtual and augmented reality are rapidly integrating across a variety of industries including entertainment, education, healthcare, automotive, travel, fitness,retail and corporate training. With a heightened need to protect their employees and patrons, these industries will look to entertainment for lessons learned. Entertainment is often the gateway to commercial engagement and consumer adoption, so what happens in entertainment will affect the XR rollout of other industries as well.

Some of the often forgotten but critically important considerations include adequate planning for the adoption curve, training and support staff, and hygiene and storage. For example, lack of ongoing hygiene is a commonly stated reason for why non-users are not comfortable with VR or AR in the first place. Consumer complaints include headsets that are “wet” from the previous user’s sweat, odors, grime build up in visors, and fogged lenses.

As more studies showing definitive ROI across use cases become public, the expansion of strategic XR programs will increase across industries. Having the ecosystem in place to support a comprehensive rollout strategy will be important to each business.

Sep 24, 2020 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Amy Hedrick
CEO @CleanBox Technology
Amy Hedrick is CEO and Co-Founder of Cleanbox Technology. She is a thought leader providing insights into the immersive technology, she brings solutions and innovation in smart tech hygiene.
Amy Peck
Founder and Board Member @EndeavorVR, previously at HTC
Amy is an industry expert with over 10 years in the virtual and augmented world. She is currently Founder of EndeavorVR, strategy & consulting firm. Amy was previously Sr. Director Enterprise Content at HTC.