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February 2021: Defining optimality for channeled polarimetry with presenter Andrey Alenin
Monthly speakers explore topics derived from Henri Poincaré’s work on optical polarization and demonstrate applications of polarization techniques. This month's title is Defining optimality for channeled polarimetry with presenter Andrey Alenin.

Join the series’ chairs and moderators – Thomas A. Germer, National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA); Jessica C. Ramella-Roman, Florida International University (USA); and Tatiana Novikova, École Polytechnique (France) – and be part of the discussion.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021, 5:00 am PT (1300 UTC): Defining optimality for channeled polarimetry
Speaker: Andrey Alenin
UNSW Canberra (Australia)

Description: Channeled polarimeters impose periodic modulations within some selection of direct domains, thereby creating channels within the corresponding frequency domains. The Fourier transform describes the mapping between the two domains. Both descriptions are valid; however, decomposing the modulation into the constituent channels results in the more compact description---a set of channels characterized by the central delta functions and the surrounding clouds of information. In order to unmix and to reconstruct this information with superior SNR, it is imperative to recognize two aspects: a) every channel carries valuable information, and b) the filter used for each channel should be as inclusive as possible. In this presentation, we show how to apply both in a variety of domains to arrive at optimal systems.

Feb 23, 2021 05:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Andrey Alenin
Tuesday, 23 February 2021, 5:00 am PT (1300 UTC): Defining optimality for channeled polarimetry @UNSW Canberra (Australia)
Andrey Alenin has obtained his PhD from University of Arizona in 2015. His thesis, titled “Matrix structure for information-driven polarimeter design”, provided the necessary formalism to enable design enhancement through a better understanding of the underlying polarimetric measurement space. Since moving to UNSW Canberra, he has been working on applying his tools to various polarimeter architectures, as well as other systems with inherently mixed measurements.